Metallic effects – simple and easy without the need for subsequent surface treatments

Metallic surfaces are fascinating and make your products stand out and shine. Metal effects are trendy and the demand for innovative solutions is rising. Additional finishing processes such as subsequent painting or galvanising are often more time-consuming and cost-intensive. In contrast to these processes, the use of colour concentrates offers decisive advantages: the number of production steps is reduced, sourcing and warehousing is simplified.

Trying to replicate metallic effects up to now has often failed to meet customer expectations. The effect pigments available on the market have simply reached their limits. However, Lifocolor now has succeeded in implementing a pigment that creates a glossy metal effect in plastics without galvanisation or painting.

The new Lifocolor effect series »Metal Look« includes a masterbatch range based on a new pigment class with unique results: unprecedented metallic appearance combined with impressive shine. So far the series consists of silver, chrome, bronze and champagne shades, but the range is continuously being expanded. This new collection is particularly suitable for transparent polypropylene formulations. Moreover, it enriches the masterbatch portfolio for high-quality cosmetic packaging. All formulations meet the requirements for food contact according to EC regulation.

Plastics finishing processes in just one manufacturing step

»Metal Look« offers manufacturers of plastic products exciting new design options. The outstanding colour saturation and brilliance can be achieved in one step during the moulding process of the product. Enhancing the product with these easy-to-use masterbatches significantly improves the processing reliability - with the advantage: the semi-finished part does not have to be outsourced for further treatments.

»Metal Look« achieves colour variations that even colour experts have considered unattainable with masterbatch up until now.

3D samples in »Metal Look«


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